The Guy's Guide to Breast Augmentation

If your partner is having breast augmentation, you may have lots of questions and concerns. How will her breasts feel? When can you touch them? Who is she really doing this for? What will her recovery be like? What can you do to help?

You are not alone. Following is a compilation of tips.

  • Learn about breast augmentation and all that it involves, including its risks and details about recovery.
  • Research the procedure on reputable Internet sites.
  • Offer to accompany her to the consultation.
  • Do not assume she is having it done to attract other men. Some men may feel jealous, but most women have breast augmentation to feel better about themselves.
  • Do not opine about size. Keep your comments and suggestions to yourself.
  • Let her talk openly about her breasts if she is so inclined (even if it is getting on your nerves!)
  • Do not ask questions about scarring. It's insensitive to get upset about a few scars that will fade in time.
  • Don't make a big deal about how her new breasts look at first. The implants may be very firm and high, but they will drop and look normal again. Be patient.
  • Do not touch her new breasts immediately after the breast augmentation surgery. They will be sore, swollen and bruised.
  • Consider giving her a get-well gift.
  • Give her sponge baths when she can't shower. Help make her recovery as comfortable as possible. For more information on recovery and what to expect see our Recovery Section.
  • Learn how to do breast massage and compression exercises. This may help the breast implants "drop" faster, and may reduce the risk of capsular contracture (implant hardening).
  • She may feel depressed after breast augmentation. Remind her that this is normal. It may be due to medication side effects and reactions to the anesthesia as well as post-surgical stress. What's more, some women become anxious that their bruising, swelling and pain will never go away, which can increase feelings of sadness.
  • Be supportive. Tell her she looks great!

If you have kids, check out our Breast Augmentation and Children Section for tips and suggestions on how to approach the subject with kids.

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