Underwire Bras and Your Breast Implants

If you have breast implants, you may be wondering whether or not underwire bras are an option. There is no one-size-fits-all answer.

There are some risks with underwire bras, at least during the initial healing process. Some women who were small-breasted before their breast augmentation — as well as those who have breast augmentation in combination with breast lift — have a tight breast envelope following the surgery. In these cases, an underwire bra should not be worn until the breast implants have dropped into their correct position.

If you have inframammary incisions you will need to wait until after you have completely healed from breast augmentation to wear underwire bras. The wire may cause friction or pressure on the suture line, resulting in pain and problems with the healing process. The skin near your incisions may be numb after surgery, so underwire can actually dig into your skin and you won't feel a thing.Tell your surgeon if you develop pain, irritation, or redness around your incision.

The bottom line? Talk to your surgeon about whether or not wearing an underwire bra is a good choice for you. Make sure you get clearance from your surgeon before you wear an underwire bra after your surgery.

Choosing a well-fitted, supportive bra is essential to preventing breast ptosis (sagging) as well as back and shoulder pain.

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