Your Breast Augmentation Consultation Fee

As you begin scheduling consultations with plastic surgeons for your breast augmentation, you will probably be asked to pay a consultation fee. Some surgeons charge these fees, and others do not.

The fee for an initial consultation for breast augmentation surgery generally falls between $75 and $100. Breast implant surgery consultation fees vary depending on the surgeon, the region of the country, the economy and the season.

Plastic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation, are generally more expensive on the West Coast and in the Northeast as compared to the South and Midwest. Surgeons who are well known may charge higher fees than other surgeons.

Some surgeons run specials on consultations and procedures when things are slow.

Make sure you are clear about the consultation fee before your appointment. Some surgeons will apply the consultation fee toward the cost of a procedure or will waive the fee should you choose to book a surgery. For more information about what to expect during this consultation, read our thorough article on the topic.

Take-home Points

  • Some doctors charge consultation fees, others don't
  • The actual fees vary
  • Make sure you know the practice's consultation fee policy before your consultation

Part of the purpose of a consultation is to find out how much the surgery will cost and what is covered by the surgeon's fee and what isn't. Get that information in writing. Make sure to ask about what is not covered, such as any fees for the anesthesiologist or the surgery center. Getting this information in writing will help reduce any confusion at your consultation and will help you compare the breast augmentation cost from surgeon to surgeon.

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