Virtual Breast Augmentation: Before and After

Wouldn't it be great if you could see what you will look like with your breast implants before you undergo breast augmentation surgery?

Well, thanks to 3-D computer imaging, you can. We're not talking about an avatar, we're talking about you. In a nutshell, a computer imaging system takes a photo of how you look right now and tweaks it to resemble how you may look with breast implants. 3-D systems allow you to see yourself and your breasts from the side and from the front.

While not all surgeons offer 3-D simulation tools for cosmetic and plastic surgery, these systems do have many advantages. For example, seeing yourself with virtual implants before your surgery can help you feel more confident when you are bruised and swollen after your surgery. These imaging systems can also help you make up your mind about breast implant size.

Computer-assisted imaging is not perfect. It should be used mainly as a communication tool so that you and your surgeon can be sure you are on the same page regarding your expectations, and whether or not they can be met with breast augmentation surgery. The results of your breast augmentation depend on many factors, including your surgeon's skill, communication, postoperative protocol and how well you heal.

Ask your surgeon if he or she offers such imaging systems before you book your consultation appointment.

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