Nipple Reduction Surgery: Are You a Candidate?

Elongated nipples can be a direct result of breast-feeding, weight gain or even nipple piercing. Some men and women are born with elongated, stretched-out nipples that point downward. Regardless of the cause, elongated nipples can be a source of embarrassment and physical discomfort. Some people may even resort to taping up or hiding their long nipples.

Nipple reduction surgery can help. This surgery shortens the length of the nipple. There are several ways that a board-certified plastic surgeon can approach nipple reduction surgery. He or she may remove a segment of the nipple. Another method is to remove a band of areolar skin around the base of the nipple and push the nipple back into the breast, where it is sutured into place. The areola is the circular area around the nipple.

Most nipple reduction surgeries are individualized based on the size, shape, diameter and projection of the nipples.

Nipple reduction surgeries are typically done with local anesthesia. If they are combined with other breast-enhancing surgeries such as breast lift or breast augmentation, other types of anesthesia will be used. Nipple reduction takes about one hour if it is performed on its own. If other surgeries are done at the same time, the surgery will take longer.

You can usually return to work the day after nipple reduction surgery.

There are some risks, including loss of sensation in the nipple and inability to breast-feed. Women who plan to breast-feed in the future should postpone nipple reduction surgery.

If you are concerned about the size and shape of your nipples, ask your surgeon what can be done. Other nipple-enhancing surgeries include areola reduction and inverted nipple repair.

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