Postoperative Emotions Checklist

Feeling sad after your breast augmentation surgery is normal. These feelings may occur for several reasons. They can be a side effect of the anesthesia, which can bring out your sensitive side. Feelings of sadness after your surgery can also be due to medications, postsurgical traumatic stress syndrome, sleep loss and/or pain.

But being forewarned is being forearmed, so keep in mind that you may feel:

  • sore
  • tired
  • irritable
  • unsure
  • depressed
  • bored
  • anxious
  • restless
  • unable to sleep at times

During your recovery your breasts may be:

  • asymmetrical
  • lopsided
  • swollen
  • bruised
  • tender to the touch
  • firm or hard
  • irritated from the tape or anesthetic
  • numb

In addition, you may experience sharp pains, your breasts may feel sunburned, your nipples may be hyper-sensitive, and you may feel a tingling sensation in your breasts.

Print out this list and keep it by your nightstand, so you remember what you are feeling is a normal part of the breast augmentation recovery process. These feelings will pass, and your breasts will begin to look and feel normal again. If you are still not happy with the look and feel of your new breasts after six months, consider talking to a surgeon about revision breast augmentation.

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