Depression After Breast Augmentation: Are You at Risk?

Surgery — any kind of surgery — is an emotional event. Breast augmentation is no exception. Don't be surprised if you feel sad and depressed after your breast augmentation. You may second guess your decision, or dwell on the negatives — namely the bruising and swelling. This is normal.

Feelings of sadness, anxiety or depression after surgery can be traced to many factors, including the aftereffects of anesthesia, which seem to bring out our sensitive sides; other medications; postsurgical traumatic stress syndrome; sleep loss; pain; activity restrictions; and a general feeling that your life is chaotic.

In the days before your breast augmentation, you were probably running on adrenaline, getting yourself and your household ready. Then, you had the surgery. Even though you were well-versed about breast augmentation recovery, a part of you probably expected that your new breasts would be traffic-stopping as soon as your bandages or support garments came off. And they may be traffic-stopping, but just not in the way you imagined.

What's more, your breasts are probably bruised, swollen and uncomfortable. And while you likely felt fine as you walked into the hospital or surgery center for your procedure, a few hours later, you are groggy and nauseated from anesthesia, as well as tired and sore.

As a result of all these factors, you may be feeling pretty low. Understanding that this is a normal part of the healing process may help you to cope with your sadness.

Emotional changes after you get breast implants can and do occur. Try to keep things in perspective. Your feelings of depression should subside as your healing progresses. If they don't and you continue to feel down, talk to your surgeon. He or she may refer you to a therapist to discuss your feelings. There are also many effective medications available to help treat depression.

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