6 Breast Implant Alternatives

  • 6 Breast Implant Alternatives

    We must, we must… we must increase our bust. Breast augmentation with implants is certainly the most popular way to achieve the highly sought after increased bust, but it's not the only way. No one's advocating the return of the sock-stuffed bra, but that's not to say breast augmentation options other than silicone gel- or saline-filled implants don't exist.

    Here are six breast implant alternatives.

  • 1. Fat

    6 Breast Implant Alternatives - Fat

    Fat is phat when it comes to all types of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, and its role in breast augmentation is increasing. During this procedure, fat is taken from a part of the body where it is plentiful and re-implanted in an area where it is in short supply, such as the breasts. This is often called "natural" breast augmentation. The role of fat has been fairly well-established as a way of softening the look of implants following breast reconstruction and/or repair of implant-related issues, like rippling and wrinkling. For straight-up breast reconstruction, however, fat alone can't increase your bust by more than one cup. Still, the procedure will create cleavage and improve the shape of tuberous or "Snoopy" breasts.

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  • 2. Breast Auto-augmentation

    6 Breast Implant Alternatives - Breast Auto-augmentation

    Breast auto-augmentation involves the use of a woman's own breast tissue to optimize breast shape and projection. This technique also includes a breast lift to correct any sagging and remove excess skin. Your surgeon essentially takes a wedge of breast tissue from the bottom of your breast and tucks it underneath the rest of the breast tissue. This results in fullness in the top of the breast and pushes the rest of the breast outward to create projection.

    The best candidates for breast auto-augmentation are women who are happy with their breast volume, but would like to correct sagging and add fullness without implants.

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  • 3. BRAVA

    6 Breast Implant Alternatives - BRAVA

    The BRAVA non-surgical breast expansion system increases bust size slowly, but surely, with hours of daily use over an 11-month period. BRAVA applies gentle, sustained tension on your breasts, which causes cells to replicate and produce new breast tissue. But be forewarned: It's not a pretty look. The system consists of two semi-rigid domes, with silicone gel rims. A sophisticated minicomputer regulates the tension.

    How much of an increase are you looking at? About one-half-to-two cup sizes, according to the manufacturer. BRAVA can be used with fat, and/or to make space for breast implants after mastectomy.

    More about the Brava breast enhancement and shaping system

  • 4. Vacation Breasts

    6 Breast Implant Alternatives - Vacation Breasts

    A New York City plastic surgeon is reportedly developing a procedure that allows you to "try on" bigger breasts for a couple of weeks. The procedure involves injections of saline directly into the breast tissue instead of via implants. As of now, these "insta-breasts" last for 24 hours a shot, but a new formulation may allow them to last longer. This isn't the first time that off-the-shelf injectables have been considered for breast augmentation. "Boob jabs" (aka Macrolane injections) were once widely marketed outside the U.S., but those days are over. Macrolane manufacturer Q-Med announced that these boob jabs will be phased out due to concerns that they may inhibit breast cancer detection on mammograms.

  • 5. Breast Enhancement Dream Creams, Lotions and Potions

    6 Breast Implant Alternatives - Dream Creams

    Sorry ladies! If these worked, would breast augmentation really be such a popular procedure, year after year? Probably not. While there are many cream, lotion and potion products out there promising bust enhancement, none have been proven effective or, more importantly, safe.

  • 6. Exercise

    6 Breast Implant Alternatives - Exercise

    Regular exercise is good for your breasts — not to mention the rest of your body. Studies have shown that women who engage in regular physical activity are at lower risk for breast cancer. And some breast-specific exercises — such as push-ups and chest presses — can even make your breasts appear perkier and larger. Talk to a personal trainer about what type of exercise is best to tone your trouble spots. And keep in mind that posture counts, too. Stand on a mirror and fix yours so that your shoulders are held back and your back is straight. You may be surprised at how much larger and firmer your breasts appear!

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